Why Would I Rent?

Buying a phone and signing onto a mobile plan can be expensive. We provide an inexpensive solution for you in the short term. Whether you have lost, broken or had your phone stolen or don't want to sign up to a mobile plan right now, we are here to provide a helpful, innovative and useful solution.

What Does It Involve?

You simply need to pick the phone you like, enter the required details and agree to our terms and...that's it! You will have the phone delivered to you within 3 days ready to go.

What If I Change My Mind?

This is the beauty of our Super Rental. Because we lease phones on such a short term basis (minimum of eight weeks), you will only have to fulfil this minimum period.

How Long Can I Rent For?

We provide a maximum rental period of 16 weeks and a minimum period of 4 weeks.

What Are The Costs?

We charge an upfront fee of $29.95. From then are phones are in the price range of; as low as $14.95 per week to as high as $34.95 per week depending on the model. These fees are charged on a direct debit basis.

What If I Break The Phone?

Part of our terms are that you the borrower are liable for any damage to the phone during your lease period. However, we will work with you in such an event to attempt to find an outcome which we can both be happy with.

What If I Lose The Phone?

Part of our terms are that you the borrower are liable in the event that you lose the phone. Unfortunately in this case you will be charged the value of the phone and must fulfil payments for the minimum lease period (8 weeks).

How Do I Return The Phone?

We will provide instruction in the package containing the phone which will assist you in providing the phone to our couriers for return.